Just the thought of dating makes me anxious.

Anxiety and dating go hand in hand.  The dating landscape has steadily changed as new online platforms have emerged.  I am probably fossilizing myself when I admit I used OkCupid years ago.  Since then, Tinder and Bumble have become the hottest apps on the market....

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Belladonna rage

We all get angry.  Some of us more than others.  Sometimes people get angry over little things, like the fact that the barista screwed up your morning coffee.  Others don’t get ticked off by that kinda stuff, but immediately become angry the moment they feel anxiety....

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Belladona Depression

If you’re reading this, I’m certain you have a personal experience with depression.  Now think about your experience with depression, and think about someone else’s experience.  Are they the same?  Yes, I know there are big picture similarities, that’s why it’s called...

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Life in extremes

Did you know that the highest point in the contiguous United States is only about 120 miles from the lowest point? Mount Whitney towers over the Sierras at a whopping windswept 14,508 feet, and only a two hour drive away lies Death Valley at a sweltering -282 feet....

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Hidden Depression

If you or your loved one is considering suicide there is hope you are not alone.  Please call. National Suicide prevention lifeline: 1800-273-8225 San Diego access and Crisis line: 888-724-7240 NAMI help line: 1-800-523-5933 The Trevor project lifeline: 866-488-7386...

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Social Media Anxiety

I would venture a guess that you, like most people, use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all day long.   Have you ever thought, “what effect does that have on my brain?”  Turns out, social media affects stress and anxiety.  Facebook is a great source of keeping...

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